A Config item is used to save the configuration of config item views, e.g., charts, grids, reports, graphs, etc. in the swExplorer client. If a meta model is modified in any way, it may result in needed changes to these configured views. This article describes how to update a config item using the swExplorer or swArchitect client, and how to version a config item using the swExplorer. Usually, Architects will prefer to use the swExplorer to modify config item views since the result of the change can be tested on-the-fly, and the option to version the config item is available. 


A Note on Documentation

The creation of a good script can take many hours, and you should always document your configuration so that others (and yourself) can maintain it. As always, what should be documented is not what is evident in the scripts, but what is not: The purpose and principles behind it – why something is done, rather than how. (The ”how” is always evident from the script.).  It can be a good idea to include a header where all changes are collected: who, what, when.

Updating Config Item View Configurations

Using the swExplorer Client

Updating the Configuration

The easiest and most efficient way to do this is to open an item of the type for which the config item needing updating is configured. In the below example, an item of type "Unallocated design" is selected and the "Design graph with Parameter" graph is loaded. This is the graph that needs to be updated. 

Note: You can also search for the config item using the Include Base Item option, and view the Configured type and XML definition there, but can only test the updated view by selecting an item of the type for which it is configured.

Select the Definition tab.

Make your changes to the configuration. As you work, you can preview your changes by switching to the View tab as needed. When you are satisfied with the view, click Save XML Definition to save your changes to the current version of the view. 

The updated view is now available for all items of this item type. 

Updating the View Name

If you want to update the name of the view, you must either save the view as a new config item, or search for the config item using the Include Base Item option, open the Config item and change the name via the structure tree or Overview view.  


Structure tree or Overview: 

Updating the Ribbon Group

If there is a button on the Items tab for the view and you want to update the ribbon group, enter the new value in the Ribbon group field. There is no need to save as the update is applied immediately. The current version of the view is now available via the Ribbon. 

Using the swArchitect Client

Config item definitions can be viewed and modified using the swArchitect client as well. To do this, select the item type in the Type tree to the left for which the config item was created for. Then, switch to the Config items tab. 

In the Config Items list, select the config item that you want to view/modify. An overview will display to the right. 

Open the Definition attribute using the button provided. The Edit XML dialog will display the definition. 

In the below example, the "Design Architecture" item type is selected in the Type tree to the left, and the Definition for the "DesignArch" configurable graph is in view. 

In the Config items list, you can use the Remove Config Item option to remove a config item from an item type, and also edit the definition attribute although, as mentioned above, modifications are usually done using the swExplorer, where the result of a change can be tested.

The Description of a Config item is intended for the development of the config item, and should include information vital for the maintenance of the configuration, the revision history, etc.

Releasing and Taking out a New Version

Just like with regular Items in SystemWeaver, config items can be versioned. If you want the current version of a config item saved as it is and your changes to be included in a new version of the view, then you will want to release the existing version and take out a new version. 

The easiest way to do this is to open an item of the type for which the config item is configured, as described above in Updating Config Item View Configurations

Select the Definition tab. 

Next, click the Versioning button and select Release and new version.

If a button has been configured for the view via the Item ribbon tab feature using the view's xID, it will need to be updated. See Updating Item View Menu Buttons.

Version Compare

If there is more than one version of a config item, the new version and the previous version can be compared. To do this, use the Version compare option, 

The Compare dialog will display the compare.