In the same way that there is a meta model that dictates the types of items and parts (and their relationships) in a SystemWeaver server, there are also meta data types for Config Items (C). Config Items are used for defining the following views in the swExplorer client: 

Technically, Config Items are not part of the meta model since they are actually a sub-type of Base Item. However, they serve to configure a database much in the same way as the meta model. Config Item types are standardized in SystemWeaver and they should not be changed. 


They are mostly hidden from end-users, although they can be found using the Open item methods, if the Include Base Item option is checked in the Select type dialog.

Architects can also view them in the swArchitect client on a dedicated Config Items tab.

The SW Architect role is required for the saving and modifying Config Items. End-users do have access to the "Sandbox" to test a Config Item configuration, but they cannot save.

A Config Item has many of the same properties as an Item, with the following exceptions:

  • Config Items can have versions, but the application of the versions is automatic. The last version is always the one that is presented by the swExplorer client when selected from the View drop-down.
  • Config items cannot have parts
  • Config items do not have a Home library, and the rights to a Base Item is limited to Architect users

In addition to the properties of regular items, the Config Item has a Configured type property, which identifies the item type for which the Config Item is defined.

The configuration data of a Config Item is normally stored in a Definition XML attribute, specific for the Config Item type, as shown in the above example in the Attributes section. 

If needed, Config Items can be added to ribbon groups on the Items tab or custom tabs so that users can select them from there. 

Config Items can be "installed" in a database without having to receive a file to import them. If not already included in your organization's database, instructions on how to install can be found in Installing the SystemWeaver Config Items Meta Data.

What's Next?

If you are new at configuring Config Item views, we suggest that you start off by reading the articles found in Configuring Config Items.