The Properties view shows the properties of the selected item(s) in the tree. The view can be accessed either via the Overview drop-down menu or the View drop-down list. 

If you select multiple items, any properties that are not the same for the selected items will display blank.

Item Properties

The view lists the following properties of which a few can be edited if you have the proper access rights to the item:

ID:  The unique ID of the item according to Identification in SystemWeaver. It cannot be changed.
Name: A short general identification of the item which can be edited.
Home library: Displays the library that the item belongs to. To change the Home library, use the Move items... option available in the Security menu on the Items ribbon.
Item type: Displays the selected item's type. Item types are part of the installation's meta model which defines the item's default attributes, possible parts of the item, and which references to the item that are allowed.

Owner: The owner of the item always has change rights to the item, in addition to the rights defined in the Home library.

Base item: Controls the item inheritance of the item which is only allowed for specific item types according to the SystemWeaver meta model.

Created: The timestamp of when the item was created and by whom.
Last changed: The timestamp of when the item was last changed and by whom.
Status last changed: The timestamp of when the status was last changed and by whom.
Foreign ID: This value is normally blank and only used for items imported from some other tool or file format.
Foreign ancestor ID: This value is normally blank and only used for items imported from some other tool or file format.

Note: If you do not see all of the item properties, it may be that you do not have access to the selected item. See Why are some item properties missing?.

Changing Item Type

You can use the Change item type button to change the type. This is seldom done and, when needed, should be done by a System Architect

A Select Type dialog will display. Select the new item type and click OK. In the Change item type dialog, confirm the change.

Note: Changing Item type should be avoided, since it may cause inconsistencies in a model. If you change the type of an item that you just created, you should be safe. Otherwise, check in the References view to confirm that the item is not used somewhere. Changing the type of an item to a more specialized type is always safe, since specialized types can always be used where the generic type can be used, and the specialized type also inherits the part types and attributes of its more generic parents.

Changing Owner

Only the owner of an item and the root role may change the owner of an item or library. To change the owner of a library or item:

  1. Click on Change Owner.  The Select User dialog will display.
  2. Select the new owner from the list of all users and click OK

When the ownership of an item is changed, the original owner is automatically added to the access list, with Change rights.

The change owner option is supported for multi-selected items.