A Released status indicates that an item is not editable and cannot be made editable by anyone. Any user with Write access may, however, create a new version of a released item. New versions are traceable using the standard mechanisms of SystemWeaver. 

That being said, there are a couple of informal ways to add additional information to a released item that could be useful depending on the use case. This article explains the available options.

Add a Change Log Entry

Change log is an informational entry associated with a version of an item. The main use case for Change log is to hold the reason for doing a change/track a new version of an item. It could, of course, also be used to capture additional information if it fits a use case. The entry can be added, viewed and modified using the Versions view. To add an entry, right-click on the version and select Edit change log entry.

Things to Consider

  • The Change log entry does not float forward when a new version is created.
  • A Change log entry is editable at any time which means that someone can change/delete a change log entry unintentionally.

Add a Note

A Note is an object that can be attached to an item. Notes can be seen as an informal comment. Use the Add note option to create a note. See Notes: Adding Comments to Items for more details.

Things to Consider

  • A Note does not float forward when a new version is created. However, you can view the Notes for earlier versions with the Include notes for older versions of item option.

  • A Note is editable and can be deleted at any time, but only by the user who created it.


Another way to add information to a released item would be to create an issue that includes the information, e.g., as an issue attribute and link it to the item. 

Things to Consider

  • This could result in a large number of issues

Build a Model

Another way to add information would be to build a structure (model). Below is a Document example with requirements. The structure could point into the document and also include a flat list of all the requirements included in the document with a part attribute. 

Things to Consider

  • Requires some additional work to set up the new structure, but is a stable alternative.