SystemWeaver is a collaborative environment. This means all items in the database can potentially be used or reused in any number of models in the database. Reusability is one of the strengths of SystemWeaver. The All references view lists all references to the item recursively. All References displays references to the item only, and looks for DefObj ("Defining Object") references as well as RefObj ("Referenced Object") references.

The view is accessible via the Edit ribbon group or via the View drop-down list.

Getting Acquainted with the View

The view provides the Item Name, Version, Item Type and Home library for each reference to the selected item. It does not show the internal relations between the references, however, they are sorted by Item Type by default which makes it a little easier to understand the contexts where the selected item is used.

Things to Consider

In some cases, the generation of this view can be time consuming, and may affect the performance as experienced by other system users. In one case, a "popular" and mature item type was used in 17,000 different parts (as seen in the References view) and the All references view could not be generated at all due to memory limitations in the 32-bit swExplorer client. For special purposes and cases which cannot be managed by the All references view, you can use the <ForEachPathReference> construct available in the Reports view and Grids view. Contact your SystemWeaver support if you do not know how to use this option. 

If you want to remove a selected object from a tree or delete it from the database, and you are looking for references to the object that would prevent you from removing it, a better view to use is the References view. 

Opening a Reference Item

If you would like to take a closer look at any of the listed items, you can double-click on it, right-click and choose Open item, or use any of the Open item shortcuts to view the item.

Copying a Reference Item

If you want to find one of the items in a structure, for example, it is possible to copy (Ctrl+C) an item in the list and look for it in a structure tree or a view using Ctrl+G.