There are several keyboard shortcuts available in swExplorer to facilitate your work in SystemWeaver. In general, these commands are available in any view where they would be applicable.

Description    Shortcut
Adjust column width to content
Ctrl + "+"
Adjust column width to default
Ctrl + "-"
Another item (in structure tree). This creates a new item.
Return (or Enter)
Back (in the graph form)
Alt + Left (key)
Close dialog
Close tab
Ctrl + W or Ctrl + F4
Copy (Copy to clipboard)
Ctrl + C
Ctrl + X
Delete (Remove part)
Ctrl + Shift + "+/-"
Ctrl + F
Find Next
Find occurrences of Clipboard item
Ctrl + G
Find occurrences of Clipboard part
Shift + Ctrl + G
Find Previous
Shift + F3
Format Bold
Ctrl + B
Format Italic
Ctrl + I
Format Underline
Ctrl + U
Full screen (in the graph form)
Hint (preview of an item, disappears when moving the mouse)
Alt + click
Hint of item type
Alt + Shift + click
Context menu
Menu key or Shift + F10
Move part up/down in a part structure
Alt + Up/down
Navigate Up/Down/Expand/Collapse
Up-/Down-/Right-/Left Arrow
Navigate to beginning/end
Navigate to top/bottom
Ctrl + Home/End
Return (or Enter)
Open Immediate window
Ctrl + Alt + I
Open Help / section
Open new item tab
Ctrl + T
Open item in new tab (selects tab if already open)
Ctrl + O
Open item in new tab
Ctrl + Shift + O
Open item in separate window
Ctrl + Alt + O
New Part
Ctrl + N (or F4)
Ctrl + V
Ctrl + P
Refresh (available in some item views)F5
Rename (of item names in Structure tree, of part names in Parts view)
Save (in the description editor and in the graph form)
Ctrl + S
Save and exit (in the description editor)
Ctrl + Alt +S
Select all
Ctrl + A
Undo in text editing
Ctrl + Z
Zoom (in graph view)
Ctrl + scroll wheel