The Document in SystemWeaver is an item type, and the Document concept has its own meta model and specialized views. This article describes the views that can be used to print a document.


  • An item in a Document structure must be selected
  • If printing to PDF, you must have Write access to the location selected for the printed output

Tip: If you want to review the document content and/or save the content to an RTF file, see Document View: Viewing Content in Outline Form.

Print Preview 

In the Document Print preview view, you can review a document's print layout before sending it to a printer and avoid unnecessary paper waste. For example, you can check that the number of pages seems reasonable, and/or decide on printing just specific pages. The view is available in the Documents menu group on the Items ribbon tab whenever you select an item in a Document structure. The generated layout and content of the document is defined by its XML report definition and template items. 

Selecting a Printer

When you load Print Preview, the view will display the current Printer selection and accurately present a preview of the output based on the current settings.  If the preview is not what you expect, click Settings and modify as needed, e.g., paper size. Once setting changes are saved in the Printer dialog, click OK and the preview will update to match your new settings. 

Note: The settings and printer selection are global in that they apply to all open Pages in your SystemWeaver session. If you have multiple open pages set to the Print Preview view and you change the printer settings on one page and move to another, you will receive a message "Printer settings have changed. Click Refresh." Clicking Refresh will update the preview.

Selecting a Print Range

By default, all pages will be printed. If you prefer to print only a specific range of pages, use the Selected pages option. 


If you chose not to run the Print Preview first, you can simply choose one of the Print options in the Documents menu group.

Click the Print button to send the document to a printer for a PDF output. If you do not have Write access to the selected location for your output, a Save Print Output As dialog will suggest another location. 

If you opt to cancel a print job, a "Printer is not currently printing." dialog will display.

Printing with Bookmarks

The Print PDF with bookmarks option will generate a PDF output that includes bookmarks (link to a specific document section in a PDF file). 

This option uses Microsoft Print to PDF. 

Note: Printing to a network drive is not supported. The output location must be on a local drive.