The Attachment Finder extension view enables users to view a list of all attachment files linked to items in a selected structure. This view makes it easier to locate specific attachments.


  • The SWExtension.AttachmentSearch extension is located in the Client swExplorerExtensions directory
  • An SW Architect has activated the extension view via Configure the explorer

To access the Attachment Finder view for a structure, select the top-item in the tree and select the Attachment Finder view via the View drop-down. 

Getting Acquainted with the View

A list of all attachments in the structure will display in the view. 

As you browse through the structure tree in this view, the list will update accordingly.


The list can be sorted by clicking on the header of any of the provided columns: 

  • Item (name)
  • File (name)
  • Comment
  • File Size
  • Created By

Redirect to Attachments View

By double-clicking on the File (name), you can redirect to the Attachments view of the item to which the particular file is linked to. 

Redirect to Item Overview

By double-clicking on the Item (name), you can redirect to the Overview of the item to which the particular file is linked to.