A new version of the Coverage (mapping item) configurable view is introduced in R33. It can be used to relate items in a structure, but not connect them using a reference link. This new version supports ContextTree, StructureTree and Grid for both the left and right sides of the view, whereas the older version supports StructureTree only. The pre-R33 version of the Coverage view (now called Coverage (deprecated)) will be removed in a future release. Until then, both views will continue to be available.  

Note: If you wish to replace the existing, soon-to-be deprecated Coverage view with this new one, the meta model must be changed. The LeftMapping, primary partType must have Multiplicity set to "Single". More details can be found in Configuring the Coverage (mapping item) View.



ISSUE ID: 13856, 13855, 13965, 13994, 13995