Many of the item views configured via Configure the explorer allow for multiple configurations, i.e., multiple instances of the view. A list of them is provided below. The ViewSettings tag enables you to set custom labels, hover-tips, image icons, etc. for the menu options presented on the Items ribbon and in the View drop-down for these views. To use this tag, you would include it in each configuration, as needed.


  • Familiarity with SystemWeaver concepts such as Items, Parts and Attributes
  • Knowledge of XML
  • An installation of the SystemWeaver swExplorer client (swExplorer) 
  • Assignment of the SW Architect role in the database

Built-in Views That Support Multiple Configurations


  <Config id="UniqueIdentifier">
       <Caption>Variability editor</Caption>
       <Description>Specify variability for item</Description>
       <Image typeImage="25"/>


The name of the item view instance. It is displayed in the View drop-down menu and as a label for a button on the Items ribbon.


This specifies the Item ribbon menu group on the Items tab where the button will be available. This is optional.

Note: To add to a ribbon group on a custom tab, you will need to specify this in the Item ribbon configuration.


The hint shown when hovering over the button on the ribbon, if the <RibbonGroup> is specified. This is optional.


The image number of the icon to be used for the button. Possible attributes are guiImage (for GUI images) or typeImage for Type images). See Available Icon Images for Configuration Items. The Image tag is optional.