In a project, you can create attribute types which can be associated with specific issue types. If an attribute type will no longer be used, it can either be excluded from use with a specific issue type, or deleted altogether from the project. This article describes how to do both. 


  • You must have "Change" access rights to the CMS project OR the Administrator role in the server

Excluding Attribute Type from Issue Type

If you want to keep the attribute type available in the project, but no longer want to use it in connection with a specific issue type, follow the steps below. 

  1. Click on the Setup menu and open the Issue Types page. 
  2. Select the issue type for which you want to remove the attribute type.
  3. In the Included Attribute Types list, find the attribute that you no longer want to include for the issue type, and select Exclude in the right-click context menu. 

It will no longer appear for new issues of that issue type. Any existing issues with a value set for the attribute will maintain it, although it will appear grayed-out in the issue editor. It can be deleted from the issue by using the Remove button.

Deleting Attribute Types

This option can be used if there is an attribute type that will not be used at all and you want to remove it from a project. It is a quick way to get rid of a type that, for example, you just recently created and have decided not to use. If you want to delete a type that has been in use, the quickest option is just to exclude it from use as described above. Deleting it from the project is possible, but there are some prerequisites as described below. 


If the attribute type has been in use, you must first:

  • Exclude it from all issue types. See instructions above. 
  • Remove it from all issues of the type using the Remove button in the issue editor as described above

  1. Navigate to the Attribute Types page. 
  2. Find and select the attribute to delete in the Attribute Types list. 
  3. Right-click and select Delete Attribute Type. If previously in use, it will be removed from the issue editor.