Just like for items, it is possible to create description templates for issues. A description template is tied to an issue type in a project. If one description template has been defined for an issue type, it will load to the description for the users to use. If you define multiple templates for an issue type, users will have the option to choose one or not, when they create a new issue of that type. This article describes how to create templates for issues. 


To get started, open the project. Then, navigate to the Setup menu and select Issue Types

In the Issue Types pane, select the issue type that you want to create the template for and switch to the Description Templates tab. 

The Description Templates tab lists alternative description templates defined for the selected issue type. To create a template, click Add template.

Enter a template name in the pop-up dialog and click OK

Next, begin formatting the template in the Template area provided to the right. To access all available formatting tools, double-click in the area to open the editor

Your changes are automatically saved in the embedded editor. If using the pop-up editor, save your changes when closing. The template is now available for users when they create a new issue of that type.


Note: Description templates are for convenience, and a user may choose to delete or modify any of the template content.

To stop offering a template, click Remove template to delete the selected template.