All items in the database are of a specified type as defined in the meta model. Although it is seldom needed, there is a option that allows you to change an item's type. This is done using the Properties view and should be done by a system Architect


Note: Changing Item type should be avoided, since it may cause inconsistencies in a model. If you change the type of an item that you just created, you should be safe. Otherwise, check in the References view to confirm that the item is not used somewhere. Changing the type of an item to a more specialized type is always safe, since specialized types can always be used where the generic type can be used, and the specialized type also inherits the part types and attributes of its more generic parents.

  1. Select the item whose type that you want to change. 
  2. Open the Properties view. 
  3. Click Change item type. A Select Type dialog will display. Select the new item type and click OK
  4. In the Change item type dialog, confirm the change by selecting "Change item type to 'xxx'" or click Cancel to cancel the operation.

  5. If you proceed with the change, you may receive an additional warning that the change will likely cause inconsistencies. Proceed with the change or chose to Cancel.
  6. If there is inconsistent data as a result of the change, you will now need to manually repair any references.