The SystemWeaver database version gets updated from time to time. When it does, we'll announce this in our release notes. SystemWeaver databases can still exchange data even if they are on different versions, e.g., 1.44 vs 1.45. There is no difference in the SW XML format between them. See Software Releases with Client API and Database Versions for a list of SystemWeaver releases with their respective database version. This article describes how to verify the version of a SystemWeaver database. 


  • A SystemWeaver swDatabaseManager utility tool compatible with your version.
  • The server is not running.

Note: The swDatabaseManager application is not for general distribution and should only be used by an authorized system administrator.

To check the version at any time (you do not need sole access to the database to do this): 

  1. Open the swDatabaseManager. 
  2. On the Database tab, select the Type of database you are checking.
  3. In Select database, enter the database information. Examples:

    Database Type
    OracleThe TNS alias of the Oracle server. Refer to Oracle documentation for details on TNS.

  4. Click Display info. The version will display in the log window to the right. In the below example, the database version is 1.44.