• An installation of the SystemWeaver Architect (swArchitect)
  • Assignment of the Architect role in the database
  • The  part type can only be deleted if it is no longer in use

Removing the Part Type from Use

You cannot delete a part type that is used in the meta model or in the user model.

To remove use in the user model you can either delete any existing parts of the type (manually or using API-based automation) or use the Change Part Type refactoring method described in the swArchitect Reference Manual in the Help. If there are any references to the part type from other part types (in the form of DefType or RefType references), these must be located and removed first.

Deleting the Part Type

Part types are always deleted in the context of the owning Item type. 


Open the swArchitect application and navigate to the Metadata tab. 

In the type item type tree to the left, select the item type that is the "owner" type of the part you want to delete. All existing part types for the item will display in the Part Types section to the right.

Next, click anywhere on the row for the part type that you want to delete and click Delete Part Type. Click OK to the confirmation message. If all uses of the part type have been removed prior to deletion as described above, the part type will be deleted. 

Note: Sometimes an alternative to deletion is to make the type deprecated. This option could serve as a temporary solution while waiting for an opportunity to perform the actions listed above.