User groups can be created in a SystemWeaver server as a means of more efficiently assigning access rights to items via libraries. Our recommendation is to keep groups manageable and simple. The groups are managed using the swExplorer client by server-wide administrator and by individual group administrators.

It should be noted that these groups can be used for giving access rights to items and parts only, and can only be used to provide access rights to issues in Change Management projects if you want to add all of the users in the group to a project and you want to assign the same rights to the project for all group members. Otherwise, the Change Management solution provides its own user group functionality applicable only to projects.


Note: All system users have a read-only view of the Groups tab in swExplorer.

Navigate to File > Groups. A dialog will open with the Groups tab displayed.

Most group administration is done on the Groups tab. The Groups pane to the left will display all existing groups in the server. Anicon in the list of groups indicate that you are a member. A search box is available for filtering the list. The right-side pane displays the Name, optional Info and a list of the Users in group

The Users tab can be used to view all of the groups in which a selected user is a member. A search box is available for filtering the users list. 

Creating a New Group

On the Groups tab, click the Add group button, enter a Name and click OK

The new group will display in the Groups list. You can now add members to the group

Deleting an Existing Group

On the Groups tab, select the group you want to delete and click Remove group. Confirm the delete by clicking OK.

Note: Removing a group does not affect any group members in any other way than to simply remove them from the selected group. A group does not have to be empty to be deleted and the group can have defined access to libraries and still be deleted.

Assigning a Group Admin

You can assign a member of a group to be an administrator of the group (Group Admin). A Group Admin may add and remove users from the group without having the systemwide Administrator role.

Select the group, select the user, then right-click and select Make group admin.

You can remove a user as Group Admin at any time by right-clicking on the user and selecting Remove group admin status

The "everyone" Group

There is a system default group called “everyone” that includes all registered users. It cannot be deleted nor can you remove any members. When a new user is created, the user is automatically added to this group. Aside from this, the group is like any other group that you would create. 

A Note on Groups and Library Access Rights

As mentioned above, user groups are an efficient way to assign access rights to itemsand we recommend the use of groups. Depending on the Security level of your system (see Get Acquainted with the SystemWeaver Admin Utility), you may or may not have to explicitly add a group to a library. For example, let's say you want everyone to have access to the items and parts in a specific library. Here are a couple of scenarios:

  • If Security level is 0 or 1, by default, every user in the system has "read" access to all items without you having to add the "everyone" group to the library
  • If Security level is 3, you would have to give the "everyone" group explicite access to the library
Note: Any rights assigned to an individual user will override those gained from being a member of a Group.

What's Next?

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