ReqIF (Requirements Interchange Format) is a standard that can be used to exchange requirements and associated information, along with its associated metadata, between software tools from different vendors. Importing a ReqIF file into SystemWeaver is a three-step process. 

Identify Mapping to SystemWeaver Meta Model

Before using a converter tool, you must first define how the ReqIF metadata will be mapped to the SystemWeaver meta model. Identifying the mapping is typically a one-time activity, unless models change. This initial process is crucial and requires familiarity with the meta model in the target SystemWeaver system. It's imperative that the model being imported is compatible with the meta model in the target environment. This initial step in the process is the most time-consuming, but the gains are significant in terms of a smooth import process going forward. 

Convert to SystemWeaver XML File

Once the mapping has been identified, the ReqIF file must be converted to a SystemWeaver XML file. SystemWeaver can provide a conversion tool which enables you to set up the mapping of the ReqIF types to existing item types, part types and attributes in the target SystemWeaver database. Based on this mapping, the tool can then generate a SystemWeaver XML file. In addition, it enables you to save the mapping in the form of a configuration file which can be used for future conversions assuming that the future ReqIF imports follow the same model for which the configuration file was defined. In other words, if the model in future ReqIF files changes, the configured mapping to the SystemWeaver meta model will also need to be changed. If you are in need of our ReqIF converter tool, please contact our Support department at 

Import to SystemWeaver

Once you have a valid SystemWeaver XML, it can then easily be imported using the swExplorer client. There is also support for incremental imports that are built-in to the ReqIF standard.  


If you wish to capture comments from, e.g., a supplier, on exported requirements and import those into SystemWeaver, see Overview and Configuration of the ReqIF Comments Importer for more information.