Systemite offers a Fault Tree Analysis (FTA) solution that can be seemlessly integrated into your SystemWeaver installation. FTA is a top-down deductive analysis method. Starting from an undesired event or state in the system, you deduce the possible events that might lead to the top event and assign failure rates to the events using attributes. In SystemWeaver's FTA solution, you can create and view your FTA analysis graphically or in the tree view and generate the minimal cut sets accurately.


  • FTA meta model exists in the database
  • SWExtension.FaultTreeGraph.dll extension is included in your SystemWeaver client installation
  • The Fault Tree Analysis extension view is configured and activated (this is done by a system Architect)

Views Supporting the Solution

  • Fault Tree Analysis: The FTA solution is build around this one meta-model specific view. 
  • Configurable Reports: In addition, reports can be configured to include fault trees using an extension-specific tag. This is described for Architects in Fault Tree Analysis (FTA) Meta Model and View.

Fault Tree Analysis Graph View

By default, the Graph tab in the Fault Tree Analysis view will display. The Graph tab supports viewing and editing of a fault tree structure using logic gate symbols. In the below example, the 'Fault Tree Analysis' top item is selected in the structure, but selecting any item in the structure will activate the menu option.  

If you select a gate or event in the tree, the view moves with you in that it will show the sub-tree below the selected item. In the below example, the 'No Fuel' sub-tree in the above example is selected:

Fault Tree Analysis Grid View

A grid is available to display the so-called minimal cut sets of the tree, i.e., the smallest combination of events that lead to the top event, along with the corresponding probability of each event or combination of event. 

Tip: When the calculation of the cut sets grid for a very large Fault Tree Graph takes a very long time, and can possibly run out of memory, you have the option to only display the graph. If the below dialog displays, clicking No will display only the graph.

What's Next? 

Read about how to use the Fault Tree Analysis view. Although geared more for SystemWeaver Architects, you can also learn more about the FTA meta model itself in Fault Tree Analysis (FTA) Meta Model and View.