SystemWeaver Explorer offers various ways to open items throughout the application. Use the one that best fits your work at hand.

The Menu Options

Open Item


View Context Menu in Views

The below example is from the structure tree, but an Open item option is available in context menus throughout SystemWeaver views.

Open an Item

When you work in a structure tree, you can open any other item in the view by selecting it and using CTRL+O. This will open that item in a new tab.

Open an Item in a New Tab

This works with any item just as CTRL+O described above, but it can be especially useful if you already have an item open, but want to open it in a second tab so that you can switch back and forth between different view settings.

The shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+O will open an already opened item in a new tab. 

Open an Item in a Separate Window

Another option is to open an item in a separate window so you can, for example, make use of multiple screens. To do this, use CTRL+ALT +O. This option enables you to work on two items.

Open an Item in a Secondary View

The Secondary item view in SystemWeaver Explorer is a practical way to display two different views at the same time. This view is covered in more detail in a separate article.

The shortcut is to hold down the Shift key and click on a view option on the Item Ribbon. 

Open Clipboard Item(s)

The Open clipboard items option enables you to open multiple items in one Edit item tab. To do this, select multiple items in a structure and copy them to the clipboard:

Then click the Open clipboard items option: 

 All of the selected items will display in their own view so you can focus on them as you work:

Open Item in Clean View

When you open an item in a structure tree, it will, by default, display using a Default view setting configured by your system's Architect: 

If you prefer to view the item without using the default setting, the Open item, clean view option will do this. Select the item and click on the option in the Open menu: 

The selected item will open without any parts listed/in view in the tree so you get a clean slate for which to enable part types as you wish:

Open Item in This Tab

If you prefer to open an item in the current tab (replacing the currently opened item), you can do this using the right-click context menu and selecting Open item in this tab:

In the above example, using the option as shown would open "Adaptive cruise control" in the current tab where "Function requirements(2) is currently open.

Open Any Version in This Tab

Another context menu option, called Open any version in this tab, will display the Versions view of the selected item so that you can select a version of choice to open.