The Secondary item view in SystemWeaver Explorer is a practical way to display two different views at the same time. As you navigate from item to item through your structure, both views will update accordingly or you can lock the secondary item view on one item while you navigate with the other.

Activating a Secondary Item View

  1. Select an item in the structure tree. 
  2. Right-click on the item and select Secondary item view.

  3. By default, the Overview view initially displays as the secondary view to the right of the primary view, but you can change it to any of the views that are available. In the below example, the Versions view and the References views are being displayed for the Adjust speed requirement. The two views share the specification view area and you can adjust the width of the views as needed by dragging on the pane divider:

Changing Primary and Secondary Views

  1. To change the primary view, just select a new view on the Items ribbon.
  2. To change the secondary view, hold down the Shift key and select a new view on the Items ribbon.

Alternatively, you can select new views at any time using the View drop-down list:

Undocking the Secondary View

You can undock the secondary view and move it to another monitor, for example, by selecting Undock:  

To dock it again, select Dock from the same menu drop-down.

Locking the Secondary View

You can navigate through your structure with the primary view pane following your movement, while the secondary view can be locked to display another item. 

  1. To lock the secondary view, click the Lock icon displayed to the left of the secondary view's item type display. In the below example, the References view will be locked on the Adjust speed function requirement. When you move away from Adjust speed to another item, only the Versions primary view will update.
  2. To unlock the secondary view, click the Lock icon again. 

Closing the Secondary View

To close the secondary view, click the Close icon to the far top-right of the pane or right-click the item and select View > Secondary item view