You can import issues from a project in another SystemWeaver database. If you are wanting to import issues into one project from another in the same database, use How to Copy Issues From Another Project


  • An existing project to import into that is compatible with the project you exported from, i.e., it has the same issue types, attribute types, workflow statuses, etc.
  • An issues xml file is ready to import.
Note: In order to establish any existing links to items as part of the import, the items have to be imported first, using the item import described in Importing Data Using Import from XML. This should be done by an expert user.

  1. On the Projects tab, select the Project tab and click on Project actions.
  2. Select the xml file to import by using the File browse button.
  3. Select the Library for the issues' access rights by using the Library browse button. 
  4. Click Import issues. When a File and a Library are selected, the import file will be parsed and any error or warning will be displayed in Errors. If there are errors, the import was not successful and the errors must be resolved prior to attempting again. When there are no warnings, the import is successful.