The access rights of an item in SystemWeaver are controlled by library security settings as described in Managing Libraries. The need to change the access rights to an item may arise and one way to do this is by moving it to another library. For example, if an owner will be away on a planned absence, moving item(s) to other libraries where other users have access rights may be a good way to provide access so that work can continue. 

Moving items to another library is strictly related to access rights. The items are not being moved in any way related to the item's structure. 

The Move Items option is available for all item types and the feature is accessible when selecting items in the structure tree, the Open item page and in a number of additional views. 

  1. To move items to a different library, select the item(s) (multi-select by clicking while holding down the Shift key (for selecting adjacent items) or Ctrl key (for selecting non-adjacent items)) and click Move items. The Select Library dialog will display. 
  2. Select the library to which you want to move the items and click OK. This action requires Write rights to the library you have selected.
  3. In the Batch operation dialog, a list of the items to be moved will display. Click OK to move the items. Access to the items is now defined by the new library.