There are about 100 different views available in the Explorer client, swExplorer. This section of the portal describes some of the generic and item type specific views that are available. In general, a view will show item properties of the specific object selected in the structure tree. Some views may also react to the top item in the structure tree or other parts of the context in the tree. 

Views that have been activated for your system are accessed via the View drop-down: 

You can read more about the View drop-down in The Specification View in Get Acquainted With the Explorer Interface.

Types of views

Some views are standard and generic in that they are available for any item type. Other standard views are available to specific item types only. All views will appear in the View selection menu. They may also appear as buttons in the Items Ribbon. Yet other views are available for items in customized meta models for specific user organizations. Some views are configurable by Architect users via the Configure the explorer dialog. In addition to these built-in views, there is an option to "plug in"  extension views into the swExplorer. Extension views may be applicable to any item type, specific item types, or customized meta models. We recommend that you contact your system's Architect if you have any questions about view availability.