The quickest way to find a particular part, e.g., a Datatype part of a Signal, in a displayed structure tree, is to select it and do Ctrl+C and then Ctrl+G. All occurrences of the part will highlight in the tree. This functionality is described in Get Acquainted With the Explorer Interface. This copy function copies the part itself in the form of its unique ID, e.g., url:swap://sys7:1345/x0400000000021B6D). However, if the part name has been modified and you are actually wanting to search for only items with a particular modified part name rather than all parts of the same ID, the search method described above will not work. 

To search for a specific part name, you should first copy the part name to the clipboard. This is done by using the F2 key on the part just as you would to rename a part or item: 

Next, use Ctrl+C to copy the name text

Click on the Find menu option and paste the text in to the Name field: 

Click OK. The Find tool will indicate the number of search results.