Information about related issues can be included as columns in a configured grid view. 


A list of information tags that can be included in the grid and whether or not it is editable can be found in the Help: 

Tip: There are other tags available for use described in the Help. For example, you can use "readOnly=false" to make an uneditable column, such as IssueStatusColumn, editable in the grid.

Example Configuration

    <ItemNameColumn width="200" caption="Function" objectName="Function" cellMerge="true"/>
    <ItemNameColumn width="200"/>     

    <IssueStatusColumn width="200" objectName="issue"/>      
    <IssueIdColumn width="200" objectName="issue"/>             
    <NameColumn width="200" objectName="issue"/>       
    <TextColumn width="200" caption="LastChangedBy" objectName="issue">#{?LastChangedBy.RealName}</TextColumn> 
    <TextColumn width="200" caption="LastChangedDate" objectName="issue">#{?LastChanged.Format('')}</TextColumn>

  <ForEach select="/IURQ">
    <RowObject name="Function">
      <ForEach select="/ITSR">
          <ForEach select="/issueref::IR">  
            <RowObject name="issue"/>


What's Next? 

Learn more about Grids view configuration in the Help.