If any SystemWeaver installation file or executable is falsely detected as malware by your anti-virus program, please contact support@systemite.com and provide the following helpful information: 

  1. Version of SystemWeaver software
  2. Date the error occurred
  3. Name and version of the anti-virus software
  4. Error message
  5. Screenshot

We will ensure that the false positive is reported to the anti-virus software provider.  If you chose to report it directly, just let us know! Below are links to information regarding false positive submissions for some software providers and troubleshooting. 

Anti-virus Software ProviderLink to False Positive Submission Form or Page
Windows DefenderWindows Defender false positives, Add an exclusion to Windows Security

To avoid potential problems caused by anti-virus programs falsely detected SystemWeaver executables as malware, we recommend excluding the Client installation delivered by SystemWeaver from anti-virus scans.