Adding to Favorites

If you frequently work with particular items and parts, you can add them to your Favorites list for quick access. 

  1. Open the item. 
  2. Right-click on the item's tab and select Add to Favorites.

To access the item later on, expand the Open item drop-down menu, select Favorites, and select the item from the list. 

Organizing Your Favorites

  1. Click on the Open item drop-down, select Favorites, and select Organize Favorites
  2. On the Organize Favorites page, you can right-click on an entry and select to either remove it from your favorites list or move it up or down in the list that displays in the menu. 

Note: If the item that you add to your favorites is released and a new version is created, you will need to add the new version to your favorites list if you want to ensure that the shortcut points to the latest version of the item. To check if the item in your favorites is the latest version, select it and open the Versions view.