The access rights of an item in SystemWeaver are controlled by library security settings as described in Managing Libraries. When you remove a library from SystemWeaver, you are permanently deleting it and removing it from the library structure. Libraries are removed using Manage Libraries.

Preparing for Deletion

You can only delete an empty library, i.e., a library with no items in it. If you try to delete a library that has items in it, a message will indicate that it cannot be deleted: 

To view the content of a specific library, click Open item and use the Select library option to select the library that you plan to delete.

The list of items in the library will display: 

Prior to deleting the library, you will need to move the items to a different library. 

Deleting a Library

  1. Click Manage libraries. The Libraries page will open. 
  2. Right-click on the library in the Libraries tree structure and select Remove Library. This action requires Write rights to the library you have selected.

The page will refresh and the library will immediately be deleted.