Setting up the New Installation

Instructions for how to set up a SystemWeaver server can be found in the SystemWeaver Server Installation Manual or in Installing a New SystemWeaver Server and subsequent articles depending on the needs of your organization. There is no installer for the application at this time. 

Basically, it is a matter of simply moving all the files: .exe-files, configuration files, sqlite database file, etc., to the new machine. You may have to edit the configuration files and prop files (for logging) for the server application and any other SystemWeaver server application in use to reflect the correct paths on the new machine. If you have all the files, in the same structure, on the new machine as on the old, and still need help getting it running, feel free to contact us via for further assistance.

Removing Access to the Old Installation

Depending on the needs of the user organization, there are a number of options available.

Stopping the Server Application

If users should no longer be able to access the old installation at all, stop the server application entirely. Users will receive a message the the server is not available when they attempt to log in. 

Read-only Access to Old Installation

If users should be able to continue to access the old installation, but with read-only rights to items and project issues, the steps to complete are as follows.

Read-only Access to Items

  1. Remove the license(s) from the server (see Deleting a License in Adding and Deleting Licenses). You must be assigned the "Administrator" role in swAdmin2 to complete this.

    The Licenses tab in the swAdmin2 client will display "No licenses available."

    Note: Earlier versions of SystemWeaver will require that you log out of the swAdmin2 client and/or stop and restart the server to refresh the License status.

    When users log in to the old server, they will have read-only rights and will receive a message informing that there are no user licenses available. The red banner makes it visually clear to users that they are in the old server.
  2. Log in to the swAdmin2 client and assign every user the Viewer role. Instructions can be found in Managing User Roles

There is the option of simply assigning the Viewer role to all users and leaving the license in place until the server is decommissioned, however, without the red banner, it is not visually clear to users where they are logged in. This is usually appreciated. 

Note: The red banner functionality is not available in earlier versions of SystemWeaver.

Read-only Access to Projects and Issues

Access to projects is handled separately from items. There are a couple of options here as well. You can provide read-only rights to projects or remove access entirely to a project or all projects.

When the license(s) is removed, users will immediately have read-only rights to their open projects. Open projects are those projects that are currently open on a tab in the Projects module. Users can continue to view the issues in those projects, but cannot open any additional projects (using the Open projects button) if those projects were closed when the license(s) was removed. 

If you have chosen not to remove the license and instead only assign the Viewer role to users, then for projects, you will need to manually remove write and/or change rights so that users only have read rights to their projects. This option allows users to view projects that are currently open in the GUI, and also allows them to open projects are not not currently in view (using the Open projects button). You simply remove write and/or change rights by right-clicking on the user entry on the Project > Users tab and deselecting the Write and/or Change option. This must be done for each user and/or group and for each project. The Administrator completing this work must have access to all projects that need to be updated. If they do not, they will not be able to view all of the projects in their session and may miss removing write/change rights from users.

Note: If running an earlier version of SystemWeaver, if users are to keep read-only access to their projects, write/change access rights must be removed manually as described above.

Remove all Access to Projects

To remove all access to the projects so that users cannot view the project(s) at all, see How to "Close" a Project. It entails removing users from the project entirely. This should be done for each project.

Things to Consider

Since users are only human, even the best efforts will not always be enough to avoid users accessing the old installation. 

  • If you opt to manually remove rights to projects, this should be done outside of business hours just prior to roll-out of the new installation to users. If that is not possible, consider stopping the old server temporarily after roll-out while removing access to projects. This is all to ensure that users do not continue modifying issues in the old server should they log in there by mistake to work. 
  • If a Microsoft ClickOnce distribution package is being used for the new installation, be sure to instruct users to uninstall their old ClickOnce installation prior to installing the new package.