This article explains how to configure the SWExtension.VtestStudioImporter plugin in order to import test results from vTESTstudio. The import is part of the vTESTstudio workflow explained in Overview and Set-up of the vTESTstudio Workflow in SystemWeaver

Note: It is also possible to import test results directly from CANoe based on the same principles. However, it is up to the customer to define the exchange from SystemWeaver to CANoe.


  • Knowledge of vTESTstudio and CANoe
  • The following SWExtension.VtestStudioImporter extension files are located in the Client's swExplorerExtensions directory
  • The SWExtension.VtestStudioImporter extension is activated in Configure the explorer.
  • One (1) test result per import file is defined per SystemWeaver Test case

Below is a figure illustrating the part of the vTESTstudio workflow that is covered by the SWExtension.VtestStudioImporter.


Note: It is required that only one test result per file is defined per SystemWeaver Test case when importing data into SystemWeaver. if this requirement is not met, the import will be aborted.

Below is a picture of the plugin SWExtension.VtestStudioImporter:

How to use the extension is explained in Using the SWExtension.VtestStudioImporter.

Configuring the Importer Extension

Configuration is done in Configure the Explorer

The below XML is an example of a configuration for the SWExtension.VtestStudioImporter. 

Example Configuration

    <none>Not run</none>

Explanation of the Configuration Elements

TestItemType: The SID of the Tests to be created when importing. Note that this type has to be of Type SID "JSES" or inherit from it. 

TestSpecificationItemType: The SID of the TestSpecification to be identified when importing Test results.


The tags inside VTestStudioResultMappings define the mapping from vTESTstudio/CANoe Test result statuses to SystemWeaver Test Result statuses, where the elements define the vTESTstudio test result and the content defines the corresponding SystemWeaver Test result status: 

<vTESTstudio/CANoe status>SystemWeaver Status</vTESTstudio/CANoe status>.