The Meta Model Graphs view gives an overview of the Meta model for the selected item. This view can be useful for the understanding of a model or when designing a configuration, i.e., for a report, view, grid, etc.

The view is an extension and requires that the SWExtension.MetaModelGraphs.dll extension file is located in the Client's swExplorerExtensions directory. The view must also be turned on in Configure the explorer

The view can be used with or without a configuration. If you want to customize the node styles, use a configuration.


               <NodeStyle name="Style1" fillColor="#ffffff" fillColor2="#d9ecff" borderThickness="1" borderColor="#000000" borderType="dash"/>
               <NodeStyle name="Style2" fillColor="#d9ecff" fillColor2="#ff4000" borderThickness="2" borderColor="#8000ff" borderType="solid"/>
        <Node style="Style1" SID="ABCD"/>
        <Node style="Style1" SID="EFGH"/>

<NodeStyles> is used for defining styles of nodes (see NodeStyle in the Help). Note that visibleHeader and Shape are not supported here. Note also that the default node and edge styles described in Using the Meta Model Graphs View are not configurable.

<Node SID=""/> defines a Node with special Style to be included (drawn) as a box in the view. 

The style attribute refers to the name of a NodeStyle element.

The SID attribute refers to the item SID.