This article describes the Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) meta model in SystemWeaver as well as how to configure the FMEA views and FMEA Actions project.

FMEA Meta Model 

Below is the basic FMEA meta model. 

FMEA Views

For more information on these views, refer to the application Help. 


The FMEA Grid view offers a classical and well-known grid view for presenting and editing FMEA data. The view supports any set up specilization of FMEA, like Design FMEAs (DFMEA) or Process FMEAs (PFMEA).

FMEA Pareto View

The FMEA Pareto view supports a classical method of prioritizing among potential causes of failure in a system, based on the RPN value (Risk Priority Number).

FMEA Actions Project

The Actions in SystemWeaver are managed as Issues.