This article describes the Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) meta model and views in SystemWeaver as well as how to install and set-up the FMEA solution in a SystemWeaver server. 

FMEA Meta Model 

Below is the basic FMEA meta model. 

FMEA Views and Actions Project

The FMEA Views and Actions Project are hard-coded to the FMEA meta model. For more information on these views, refer to the application Help. 


The FMEA Grid view offers a classical and well-known grid view for presenting and editing FMEA data. The view supports any set-up specialization of FMEA, like Design FMEAs (DFMEA) or Process FMEAs (PFMEA). The grid is hard-coded to use the FMEA meta model.

FMEA Pareto View

The FMEA Pareto view supports a classical method of prioritizing among potential causes of failure in a system, based on the RPN value (Risk Priority Number). The view is hard-coded to use the FMEA meta model.

FMEA Actions Project

The FMEA Actions in SystemWeaver are managed as Issues in a CMS Project. 

Installing Support for FMEA

To get started, you'll need to perform the following steps: 

  • Import the FMEA meta model. You can request the meta model by emailing
  • Extend the FMEA model to cover necessary model and process integrations
  • Set up an FMEA Actions project
  • Activate the FMEA grid view in Configure the explorer
  • Activate the FMEA Pareto view in Configure the explorer, if desired