In the event that a top-level item in a structure or sub-structure remains in "Released" status (instead of updating to "CS Released") even though everything under it has been released, the Update to CS Released option in the swDatabaseManager can be used to resolve the issue.

Note: The swDatabaseManager application is not for general distribution and should only be used by an authorized system administrator.


In the below example, the two "test" items should have a status of "CS Released" since everything under them in the structure is "CS Released" or "Released".


  • Server and database compatible version of swDatabaseManager.exe
  • The SystemWeaver server is stopped
  • Sole access to the database during update

To CS Release any items where all underlying items in the structure are "Released" or "CS Released": 

  1. As noted in the prerequisites, the SystemWeaver server application should be stopped. 
  2. Open the swDatabaseManager.
  3. Select the database Type and Select database.
  4. Click the Display Info button to confirm that tool version is compatible with the database version. 
  5. When ready to complete the update(s), click the Update to CS Released button. The log window will display the table scanning. Any items that are updated will be listed at the end of the log.
  6. Restart the server.