This document describes new features, improvements and fixes included in this release of SystemWeaver.

There are no changes to System Requirements: 

Note: Special attention should be given to the items highlighted in yellow as they will require additional planning/steps for your organization pre and/or post-upgrade if the view/tool is being used in your installation. 



User Group
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swAdmin2: Licenses and Logged on improvements
The License Keys information displayed at the top of the License tab is clearer.
Total available licenses: This number will match the number of licenses added to the server. It will equal the combined license counts for all uploaded license files displayed on the screen.
Note: The system accounts required to run the SystemWeaver server are not included in the user or license counts on this screen.

The Logged on screen will now display a Connected column that provides the login time stamp for the specific session (row) rather than for all active connections for a specific user account which was previously the case.

A Connection column to the far right now provides additional information helpful for Administrators:
  • For connections that have been disabled due to multiple logins, a "Disabled" message will now display. The entry (row) and message will continue to display until the client is closed out (e.g., via the Logout button or Xing out of the client). 
  • If Slave Servers are being run, the Write channels will now be identified in this column.



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Issue ID
RM+: View deprecated
The RM+ view has been decommissioned. Its replacement is the RM+ Light view:
Description Editor: Scaling of tables and images to Display Setting

Improvements have been made to address issues with scaling of tables and images in documents when changing between 100% and 125% display settings. For Architects working specifically with editing tables in document headers where it is visually important to have a header border aligned with an optional page border, the header table width should be set to 710px in 100% desktop display setting (this will convert to 888px width when the display setting is reset to 125%). Note: When changing the Windows Display setting while working in the client application, follow the Display Scale and layout instructions to sign out of Windows and back in to confirm a complete reset within the client.


Architect, User

XML Import: Fix for issue with Imports of single parts
This fixes an issue where too many changes were being identified when importing a single part.

IT Administrators

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Issue ID
Split Server: Various improvements
Optimization for improved handling of calls from swSlaveServer.
Optimization of event handling, increasing the number of write operations per second when you have hundreds of users connected.
It is now possible to run the swSlaveServer against a swSplitServer architecture.
IT Administrator
12384, 12252, 12331
Notification Servers: Improved support for port 25
The SystemWeaver notification servers, including the swNotificationServer and the swTestNotificationServer now have better support for using SMTP on port 25* (i.e. without SMTP Authentication), as described below.

It is now possible to include a From: entry in generated notification email, by using new entries in the swNotificationServer.ini file, called MailServerFromName and MailServerFromAddress.

Note that many firewall programs, prevent the use of port 25, for the purpose of preventing spam, so you may need to add an exception for the swNotificationServer or swTestNotificationServer applications when port 25 is used.

In addition to this, it is now also possible (for both authenticated and non-authenticated emails) to specify a Reply-To address, using the MailServerReplyToName and MailServerReplyToAddress entries:


The values of the MailServerFromName and MailServerFromAddress entries appear in the From: field in email readers: (technically, as the display name and address portions of the From: field of the notification email, refer to RCF 5222 for further details)

Note that the MailServerFromAddress and MailServerReplyToAddress can be real email addresses, but could also be left blank, in case no address needs to be specified (typically for the case that no replies are wanted, and no real mailbox is used):

MailServerFromName=SystemWeaver Notification Server
MailServerReplyToName=DO NOT REPLY

The support for the From: address is available also for the swTestNotificationServer, which now also supports the use of non-authenticated email sending: (The Send Test Message button is available also when no Login Name is specified)

When using port 587
The new From entries (MailServerFromName/MailServerFromAddress) can also be used for SMTP servers that require authentication, typically using port 587:
  • In case the new From entries are used, then the values will appear in the From: field of the notification email.
  • If the new entries are not used, the previous behavior will remain; that the value used for the MailServerLoginName will be used instead (or the value assigned automatically by an advanced SMTP server or mailing service).
You can read more about the notification server options in the Help manual, in the part titled "SystemWeaver Administration".

* Sometimes it is preferred to use SMTP without notification, since then it is not necessary to set up an email account for the notification service. And specifically for notification emails an account and mailbox may not be of much use, since past notification messages are not supposed to be managed anyway, and there is also often no use for replies to notification emails.
IT Administrator
12347, 12360
TestServer: Implementation of Split Server
swTestServer is now using the TcpSubServer split server architecture. This means that the test server now requires the EXE file Systemite.SystemWeaver.TcpSubServer.

A new line has been added to the swServer.ini file due to this:
This defines whether a .dlq log file should be generated (True) or not (False) by the Systemite.SystemWeaver.TcpSubServer.
The default setting is False, but we recommend that it be set to True, at least initially, since its content allows for proper analysis should there be issues with server performance.
IT administrators should be informed that a .dlq file can take some space depending on the size and activity level in the server (e.g., 10GB for very large and active systems).
IT Administrator
Slave Server: Improved URL Support
There is now an option to configure the use of SystemWeaver URLs so that a user's open instance of the swExplorer and SystemWeaver server will be used when clicking on a link regardless of whether it contains the master or a slave server URL. With the R27 release, if a user has a client open and clicks on a link to an item, it will use the open client even if the link includes the URL for another slave server or the master server. However, if no client is open, the link will redirect to the server referenced in the link as before. 

The solution is based on a new configuration file for the swExplorerLauncher which is required on client machines to enable the feature. Information on how to format the required swExplorerLauncher.conf file is available in the SystemWeaver Administration section of the Help. 
IT Administrator


ASIL calculation
The calculation of the ASIL values (Automotive Safety Integrity Level, according to ISO 26262) using the ASIL Custom attribute* has been modified to allow for determination of ASIL for certain combinations of missing values of the Severity, Exposure and Controllability attribute.

The change means that any Severity/Exposure/Controllability values, including missing values (or the special values 'N/A'**) which will yield a worst case ASIL value of 'QM', will result in a "QM" value being displayed for the attribute. (Before the change, use of a 'N/A' value was required for those cases to result in a "QM").

The picture below demonstrates the calculation, with a model used for validation of the ASIL calculation. (The model is available upon request.)

* (SID=EAA1)
** A possibly more natural notation for these values may be "don't care", but "N/A" is used for brevity.
Note that the "N/A" values can be freely removed from the value domain of the Severity/Exposure/Controllability attributes in the specific meta model, should that be preferred.

Description Editor: Ability to type Chinese after pasted-in text
It is now possible to paste text from file types such as MS Word, PDF in to the Description Editor and then type Chinese characters (Chinese (Simplified, China) language setting). Prior to the fix, the Chinese did not display properly.
Coverage (mapping item): Version mismatch indicated for excluded items
The view will now display if there is a version mismatch for Excluded items.
Structure Tree: Paste similar parts in displayed order
You can now copy multiple parts of the same one type from one item to another in the tree and the parts will paste in the same order that they are in for the original item.
Datatype Editor: Fix for faulty category warning
For the CompuCategory values SCALE_RATIONAL_AND_TEXTTABLE and SCALE_LINEAR_AND_TEXTTABLE, the Datatype Editor previously showed them as faulty values by indicating them in red. This has now been fixed.
Coverage (Item>Item): Fix for Faulty Mappings and Match when using Grid
This fixes an issue where mappings were being shown as faulty mappings when a grid was used in the view. This also fixes an issue with the "Match" option not functioning correctly on the left side.

12470, 12318, 12317
XML generation: Fix for prefixing/ namespace
This fixes an issue when using namespaces and prefixes, in order to obtain an XML acceptable to other applications, where the prefixes were not being removed as expected in the output. Now, when XElement does not have a prefix set, it will receive the same namespace as the default namespace of the TopTag.

XML script:
<XDocument name="TopTag">
  <XAttribute name="xmlns:Prefix" value=""/>
  <XElement name="Prefix:WithPrefix">
    <XElement name="WithoutPrefix"/>

<TopTag xmlns:Prefix="">

Note: You may run into difficulties if a subtag changes prefix. For support, see the SystemWeaver Script Language Reference in the Help.
RM+ Light: Fix for traceability issue
This fixes an issue with viewing all traced requirements from the top of the structure (the item that activates the view) and as you navigate upward and downward.
Test Case Editor: Fix for Computed attributes
This fixes an issue when Computed attributes are used for Test Cases.
XML Export: Fix for ReqIf generation with Chinese
This fix resolves an issue where ReqIf XML generation was failing for users having "System Locale" set to Chinese(Simplified, China) while it was successful for users with an English language setting.