If an existing license has expired, when users log into the server using the Explorer client, they may receive a expiration message:

Note: Users can click OK to the error and still have access to existing data in the server, however, all users will only have read-only rights, i.e., write operations will not be available. The red expiration message will remain viewable to users until the expired license is replaced and they have logged out and back in again.

In order to replace an expired license or one that is about to expire, you will need a replacement license. To obtain a new license, contact support@systemite.se. 

Once you have received the replacement license, you can upload it immediately. You do not need to wait until the previous license expires

Note: To minimize the risk of unexpected issues disrupting users, we advise that license replacement be done outside of business hours or when activity is low.

  1. Log in to swAdmin.
  2. Go to Licenses
  3. Find the expiring or expired license in the list. We recommend identifying it by Licence ID, as most often, the new license will have the same ID. 
  4. Select the expired license and click Delete license
  5. Once it is removed, add the new license to your system by clicking Add license. A file Open dialog will display and you can then navigate to and select the license file and click Open
  6. Log out and back in to swAdmin to refresh the License status.
  7. Log into the server using the swExplorer client to confirm a successful login.
  8. Users who are logged in to the server while the license keys are being swapped out should be advised to log out and back in again.
  9. For pre-R28 versions of SystemWeaver, if users still see an expiration message after logging out and back in, we advise that you restart the SystemWeaver server application.

Tip: To avoid users receiving the expiration message, it is recommended that Administrators be aware of upcoming expirations and replace them prior to expiration.