In order to replace an expired license or one that is about to expire, you will need a replacement license. To obtain a new license, contact This article describes how to replace an expired or expiring license. 


  • An installation of the SystemWeaver Admin client (swAdmin2)
  • Assignment of the Administrator role in the server
  • A SystemWeaver replacement license XML file to upload

Once you have received the replacement license, you can upload it immediately. You do not need to wait until the previous license expires. However, to minimize the risk of unexpected issues disrupting users, we advise that license replacement be done outside of business hours or when activity is low.

  1. Log in to swAdmin2.
  2. Go to Licenses
  3. Find the expiring or expired license in the list. We recommend identifying it by License ID, as most often, the new license will have the same ID.
  4. Select the expired/expiring license and click Delete license
  5. Once it is removed, add the new license to your system by clicking Add license. A file Open dialog will display and you can then navigate to and select the license file and click Open
  6. Log into the server using the swExplorer client to confirm a successful login.

Tip: To avoid running out of licenses, it is recommended that Administrators be aware of upcoming expirations and replace them prior to expiration.

Expired License Keys

If you license key expires before the replacement key has been uploaded, you must log in using the "admin" user account to be able to remove the expire license key(s) and upload the replacement key(s).