A SystemWeaver plugin for Visual Studio Code is available and can be of use for in-house extension view developers. It provides basic read-only views of items. This article describes the plugin features. 


  • Familiar with the SystemWeaver meta model building blocks (e.g., Items, Parts and Attributes)
  • The systemweaver-extension-0.0.1 3.vsix plugin has been installed in Visual Studio. The plugin can be obtained from your SystemWeaver Administrator or via Visual Studio Marketplace. 
  • An installation of SystemWeaver version Kålltorp (R46) or later.
  • A SystemWeaver account with a minimum of "Read" access rights to the server.

Logging in

  1. Select the SystemWeaver extension in the left-hand menu. The login form will display. 

  2. Enter your Username and Password information. 
  3. Enter the Server name and Port. 
  4. Click Login. The Search Item dialog will display.

Searching for an Item

To search for an item, enter the SystemWeaver xID for the item or item structure in the Find field. Your search results will display in a tree format.


Viewing Overview Information

To see an overview of the item information, click on the item in the tree. The Details pane will display the item's Properties, Attributes, and Description. 

Viewing Item Versions

To see a list of all versions of an item, click on the Versions link in the Details pane.

Viewing Item References

To view an item's references, right click on the item and select Show References

Logging out

To log out, click on the Logged in button and click Yes to confirm your logout.