This article describes how to view the overall status of a Project on the fly using the Pie chart wizard


  • An installation of the SystemWeaver Explorer client (swExplorer)
  • You must have access to the CMS project. 

To open the Pie chart wizard, right-click on either Public Charts or Private Charts in Views and Charts.


The Pie chart wizard dialog will display. 

Using the Select property/attribute to group by setting, choose to group the issues by either the Status property, or the Assigned to property.

The chart can be filtered by issue type by checking/unchecking the selection boxes, or by using the provided buttons. 

Note: The pie chart is only for ad-hoc purposes. It is not possible to save your settings. 

What's Next?

It is possible to define and save other chart types to display overall issue status. See CMS Charts in the application Help for more details.