This article describes what to do after a decision is made to remove an extension view from the swExplorer client for all users. 


  • An installation of the SystemWeaver Explorer client (swExplorer)
  • Assignment of the SW Architect role in the server is required for some steps

Remove Any Configuration

This step is not required, but an SW Architect may want to complete it regardless. If an extension view is configurable, the configuration content can be removed from the database by clearing it out. 

  1. As an SW Architect, log in to the server with a client that includes the extension dll to be removed.  
  2. Go to File > Configure the explorer.
  3. Open the configuration using the Edit configuration button.
  4. Select the content of the Edit XML dialog and clear it out. 

Tip: If you decide to complete this step, we recommend saving the configuration in some manner. Alternatively, do not complete this step. Keep it in place in the database as-is. Typically the content is not very large.

Note: This step should not be done if the view will still be used by some users.


Remove the dll from the Client Installation

This step is required. Remove the extension view's dll file from all swExplorer client installations. Extension dll files are found in the Client/swExplorerExtensions directory. 

Note: This step should not be done for users who should continue to have the extension view.


Remove Any Configured Buttons

This step is not required, but recommended. Any configured shortcuts (buttons) to the extension view on the ribbon tabs can be removed from the Item Ribbon Configuration

  1. As an SW Architect user, go to File>Configure the explorer>Features, select Item ribbon tab and click Edit configuration.
  2. Search for the extension, e.g., SWExtension.Module1.
  3. Remove the entire <ItemView> line, or comment it out like this:
    <!--ItemView name="SWExtension.Module1.Module1.Content"/--> 
  4. Save your changes. 

Note: This step should not be done if the view will still be used by some users.


If the buttons are not removed (or commented out), users may see the below message in their client on the status bar. The message can just be ignored.