Using Actions in a configurable grid, one can create notes in an issue using Actions. This means that users can add notes to an issue linked to an Item directly from a grid instead of navigating to the issue's project to add the note. This article provides an example configuration of issue note creation in the background with a static note text.


  • An installation of SystemWeaver version R42 or later

Example Configuration 

  <Variable name="currentItem" as="Item" select="."/>
    <ActionBinding actionId="addIssueNoteBackground" caption="Add note to issue in the background" confirmationDialog="false">
      <WithParam name="issue" objectName="issue" />
    <Action id="addIssueNoteBackground">
      <Parameter name="issue" as="Issue"/>
      <Issue id="A" match="$issue">
        <Note sid="NISS" value="It's ok."/>

    <NameColumn id="issueNote" caption="Issue Name" width="200" objectName="issue" cellMerge="true"/>
    <TextColumn caption="Note activity" width="160" objectName="issueNote">#{? .}</TextColumn>
    <TextColumn caption="Note timestamp" width="160" objectName="issueNote">#{? LastChanged.Format('')} </TextColumn>
    <DescriptionColumn id="issueNote" width="auto" caption="Note" objectName="issueNote" cellMerge="true" readOnly="true"/>
  <RowObject name="item">
    <ForEachNote type="NND">
      <RowObject name="note">
  <ForEach select="$currentItem/issueref::IR">
    <RowObject name="issue">
      <ForEachNote type="NISS">
          <RowObject name="issueNote"/>

Example Result 

A right-click menu provides the configured option.

If you do not include confirmationDialog="false" in the ActionBinding, the Execute dialog will display next. Users can confirm OK to complete the operation.

Below one can see the note both in a configured column in the grid, and also in the issue itself under Projects.