The Bagaregården (R42) release includes the first version of a Workflow process meta model and feature which can guide users through a work process consisting of activities and procedures. The workflow will inform the users which activities need to be done to fulfill a process, and also lets them know how the activities can be done in SystemWeaver (procedures). The user can then select a context in which they want to perform the activity, thereafter the user will be taken to the correct context and the appropriate views to perform the procedure will automatically load. Example Process data: 

It's ideal to use for a particular domain, e.g., Cybersecurity, Adaptive Autosar, or for any other use case you have as our Workflow meta model is generic. The process can also include descriptions of procedures done outside of SystemWeaver. Procedures can be configured to guide users to the right context and the proper view(s) to use. This is a first version of the feature. 


Workflow is a Feature configured via Configure the explorer. 

When configured and activated, the Workflow guide loads just below the structure tree via the Overview drop-down menu: 

More details about the Workflow Process meta model and how to configure and use the feature can be found in the application Help.

ISSUE ID: 16780