The Gårda release provides the following improvements to performance. 

Configurable graph: Improved performance manual layout

The performance of manual layout in very large graphs (with many ports) has been improved.

Find: Selecting large set of search results in client closing

The selection of a very large set of search results from a Find operation in the structure tree is now optimized, whereas previously, the client ran out of memory.

Issues view: Loading optimized

The loading of issue views that display issues with references to items has been optimized.

Script language: Performance analysis elements

New scripting elements can help SW Architects to view the time it takes to calculate a parameter value and then determine if using a new Prepare tag can provide a benefit to users.  See the SystemWeaver Script Language Reference Manual in the application Help for more information.

Server: Further optimization of general searching

The server has been further optimized for the most common use cases, with respect to serving simultaneous read requests from many users.

Server: Initial scheduler implementation

The server has been optimized to distribute high workloads so as to reduce the effect of, e.g., one heavy application on client users.

Views: Further implementation of new cancel concept

We continue to replace the green progress bar in the views, with a "Loading..." message and notification banner displaying server call count. The change is now implemented in additional views. The "Loading..." message, along with the notification banner, help to ensure users that their client is still working, and enables them, e.g., to move/resize the client while it is running.