This release includes a first version of a new view called the Snapshot view. The view can be used to display a variety of information, such as Attributes, Description, Properties, and Traceability, Attachments, etc. for an item structure (based on a configuration) - all in one place. Note that this initial release of the plugin is a beta version, and some details might be changed in future versions. The view will be delivered as a standard extension with all named releases. 

The view is read-only, and users select what they would like to view at any given time by using the set of checkboxes at the top of the view.

Available Options

Description will show the item's description content, if there is any. Description is set to display, by default.

Known limitation: Only jpg and png images are shown in the current version.

Properties will display the item's properties. 

Attributes will display the item's attributes. 

Traceability will show potential traceability between the item and other items. An Architect can define which parts are traceability parts. There are three patterns for traceability:

1. Direct traceability: traceability through parts

2. Mapping: where mapping items points to which items are traced to which items. Note that the mapping item should be under the selected item in order to be shown in the view. The tag SupportingParts could be used to include the path to the mapping items without that path being displayed in the view.

3. Anchor: when multiple items are pointing to the same anchor item, the items are assumed to be traced.

Connections will display if the item has a connection with other items. There are three connection models included in the view:

1. Inports

2. Outports

3. Inoutports

Organizing parts enables the user to see items that are purely organizational or to hide them. These parts can be set up by an architect. An example for such items are requirement containers.

Attachments will display information about the item's attachments, if there are any. 

Known limitation: Only jpg and png images are shown in the current version.


The Snapshot view is configurable to support specific use cases such as requirements, or used for generic models. The configuration is done in the Configure the explorer dialog, accessible from the File tab. For more details, see the application Help.