In order to use the SystemWeaver Jira integration with a Jira Cloud installation, you must first: 

  • Retrieve an Atlassian API Token
  • Allow SystemWeaver access to your Atlassian account

Retrieving Atlassian API Token

  1. Log in to your Atlassian account ( 
  2. Go to Account Settings>Security>Create and manage API tokens (
  3. Click Create API token
  4. Enter a Label for your token and click Create.
  5. Copy your API token. Keep this value in a safe place as you would a password. This is the value to enter in the Jira Password field when logging in to Jira view in SystemWeaver.

It is only necessary to retrieve the token one time (assuming the token is not revoked later on). If you revoke it or cannot remember your token value, create a new one following the same steps described above.

Allowing SystemWeaver Access to Atlassian 

You must allow SystemWeaver access to your Atlassian account for the integration to work. This step is done one time. To do this, open a Jira issue and click SystemWeaver.

Then, click Allow access

Finally, click Accept.

As a result, SystemWeaver will be listed as one of your Connected apps in your Atlassian account.