When performing long operations that previously "locked" the client and screen, the client now remains responsive so you can continue working in your Windows session. The swExplorer client can be resized and moved. 

In some views, the Minimize and Maximize buttons can be used. Support for them will be made available for more views in future releases. 

We have also introduced a notification bar so users can see the server calls of a long operation while it is executing. This way, it's clear that the client is still performing the operation. In addition, there is now improved information regarding lost connection to server and reconnection attempts, as well as the inability to login to a server. 

When applicable, the blue notification bar displays just below the menu ribbon. 

Long operations

For long operations, such as loading a data-heavy structure or view which must retrieve data from the server, you will now see the server calls count moving as the operation progresses.

Together with the new server calls counter presented above, we have begun replacing the green progress bar, currently located in the views, with a "Loading..." message. With R40, we have introduced this in the Complete status view. The change will be implemented in additional views in future releases. The "Loading..." message, along with the notification banner, help to ensure users that their client is still working.

If you chose to close (X out) the application while a long operation is in progress, a Close application confirmation dialog will display where you can make your selection. 

Tip: If you want to let your long operation run, open a second client instance to continue working.

Lost connection

When a connection between a client and the server becomes disconnected, e.g., due to internet or VPN outage, the notification bar will inform of the situation. 

The blue Status bar at the bottom of the client displays the reconnect attempts as before.

You can use the existing Reconnect dialog to attempt to reconnect. As always, reconnection is not possible if the lost connection was due to the server being down, or if the client has been out of sync with the server for too long.

Cannot reach server

A new Connection timed out dialog informs the user when the client cannot connect to the specified server, and offers troubleshooting suggestions. 

ISSUES: 16292, 16335, 16358