Users can now perform the following operations in a grid when configuration supports it. The menu options are configurable.

Update Existing Parts

<Part id="pAB" match="." defObj="A"/>

Remove Existing Parts

<Part id="pAB" match="." remove="true"/>

<Part id="pAB" match="." remove="1 = 1"/>

Set Single obj refs from Create Issue Dialog

Set Issue Status  

<Issue status="Done">

Set Assigned to

<Issue assignedTo="username"> 

<Issue assignedTo="#{?CurrentUser.Name}">

Set Iteration  

 <Issue iteration="R40-A"> 

Access Name from ItemData/IssueData

<Action id="DoIt">

 <Parameter name="p1" as="ItemData"/>

 <Item id="A" itemType="SC" name="--#{?$p1.Name}--"/>

Set Attribute (Part, Item, Issue, Node)

 <Attribute sid="ASTR1" value="hello"/>

Use DialogCreateIssue to create and add an issue

 <DialogCreateIssue project="" issueType=""/>

Set IssueObjRef

<IssueObjRef refType="IR" issue="IS" obj="IT"/>

IssueData Type



Add an issue:


Batch creation of issues based on a variable

For example, for all Test Cases with given status, e.g., "Not Ok":




Batch creation of items:

Create multiple items, e.g., Test cases, Executables, Interface mappings with one click. 

ISSUES: 16258, 16235