Release R39 introduces an improved way of running a consistency check on large data using a new Validity check feature which is fully configurable, and displays together with any view. To activate the Validity check feature, select it in the Overview drop-down menu. 

Note: The feature must be configured for use.

When activated by a user, the view appears in a pane below the currently loaded view, as shown in the example below. The view can be deactivated be unselecting the option in the same drop-down menu.

Main features:

  • Activate and view simultaneously with other views
  • A way to centrally define validity checks
  • Full support for the SystemWeaver Path Query Language
  • Configurable validity check severity, e.g., Error, Warning, Info, Message, etc.
  • Configurable validity check type, reason for check, solution message, etc.
  • Checks are applied to item types, with inheritance supported
  • Selections in the view are indicated in structure tree
  • Compatible with the use of the Secondary item view for improved work efficiency

Warning: When including sub-items in the view, be aware that the check is then run on the entire sub-structure as well.

ISSUES: 15913