Users can now, not only visualize data in the configurable Grid view, but also design the data directly in the grid. And because it is a generic view, it can be used with all models and use cases in SystemWeaver. 

When enabled by a SystemWeaver Architect, users can perform the following actions directly in the grid in accordance with the meta model, in the same way as they can in the structure tree: 

  • Create new parts
  • Add existing parts
  • Remove parts

To enable the use of any of the above actions, a SystemWeaver Architect defines Actions and configures which column(s) the action(s) should be available for by using ActionBindings. A right-click menu for the actions is configurable. 

SystemWeaver Architects can view the Grid-specific section of the SystemWeaver Script Language Reference Manual in the Help for more details.

Disclaimer: This new, expanded editability in release R39 is a first version. The configuration format may change in future releases. 

ISSUE ID: 1 15851