The swAdmin2 tool makes it easy to monitor SystemWeaver license availability and usage. This article describes how you can see if there is a need to administer license keys.

The License status indicator at the bottom of the application is always visible, and will indicate if one or more of the uploaded licenses need to be reviewed for any of the following reasons: 

Too Many Activated Users Assigned to Any License

The Activated users count is greater than (>) the Total available licenses counts.

See Troubleshooting Licenses for how to resolve. 

A License Will Soon Expire

You'll be made aware when one or more licenses will be expiring within 30 days from the current date.

If you have not already renewed the license key, contact

A License has Expired

The date value in Expiration date is earlier than the current date.

If you have not already renewed the license, contact

Note: The above License status messages will only display for licenses with an Activated users count greater than 0.

If the license has 0 activated users, the status message will not display since the license is not in use.

On the License keys sub-tab, you can always view the Expiration date and any Status problem for each license key.

The Status column will tell you if there is an issue with the license, e.g., if it is expired, or if the license is not valid for the current server.